Since the very beginning being introduced to Education and Education courses to fulfil the requirement of my LLE (Language, Literature and Education) degree, I have always been interested in what the Curriculum designers have brought to the table regarding new and interesting teaching methods. As one may have noticed the main theme and focus of my e-portfolio revolves around a new pedagogy in Education. This course has satisfied certain cravings but again still leaves out the main issues of classroom teaching and setting. When I say this I draw from many occasions where not only with respect to this class; many obstructions came up making it impossible to have a productive class session with students and teachers present. There are a lot reasons that this has happened and continue to happen be it flood or weather conditions, Illness, religious festivals e.t.c The whole new rather interesting concept of Video conferencing and conducting classes without physical meetings will always remain a hope and dream that Universities and schools would consider. Many problems can be alleviated and productivity can be maximized even further. Communication has opened in so many different ways from as mentioned before video conferencing, cell phone messages/communication, e-mails, student online portals, online libraries and so on. However, this course is a great leap foward and a step in the right direction.